Go Aussie Flag

Goodies from Australia!!!

Hey guys!! Today's post is not going to be that long, but I just wanted to share my happiness with ...
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The Eureka Skydeck Sunset

Adventures in Melbourne (part 2)

(A little appreciation before we hit off for adventures in Melbourne) I was lucky to become friends with the most ...
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Melbourne City Sunset

Adventures in Melbourne (part 1)

Sorry guys, for not posting anything for a while. My time in Australia has now ended and last couple of ...
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Thanksgiving Dinner Without Title

(Late) Thanksgiving and restaurant on wheels

All my foodies gather! About two weeks ago, we had a little Thanksgiving dinner. Usually Aussie's don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but ...
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Rainbow Across The Road

Road trip from Western to South Australia (part 3)

The next day, after a night out in Kalgoorlie, we had to continue our road trip and oh boy, we ...
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Cape Le Grand Panorama

Road trip from Western to South Australia (part 2)

After sleeping for few hours in our car, we still had to figure out what was the problem with it ...
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Elephant Rocks

Road trip from Western to South Australia (part 1)

Three brave estonians started their road trip from Pemberton to South Australia on one rainy day. Me and Margret stayed ...
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